KUOW’s Jeremy Richards joined Jesse during one of his group painting
sessions to find out what inspired his transformation.”
My recent highlights include winning Seattle Arts Best of Artwalk Award, exhibiting works at the Kennedy Performing Arts Center in June 2011, the Smithsonian in Washington, DC in 2010, receiving the 2009 Seattle Mayor’s Arts Award for outstanding visual artist, creating the album cover for Heart's Red Velvet Car, a recent feature on King 5 Seattle’s Evening Magazine.
"Higman's recent work, with its communitarian and convivial ethos, exhibits many of the tendencies associated with Relational Aesthetics, a theory of art practices that takes the whole of human relations and social context into consideration as a point of departure for the production and presentation of the work of art."
~Leanne Mella of the Smithsonian Museum's Revealing Culture
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This fall I will fabricate two large painting tables for a system of painting I have developed to pour large paintings with spontaneously formed groups of people. Through the winter of 2012, into the spring of 2013, I will bring these table to a spectrum of community centers in King County.
There are places on the canvas where we meet, negotiate quickly, intuitively, artistically. This creates overlap, space between, spontaneous eruptions of paint and dialog. The finished paintings are then documents of both the individual action and collaborative relationships.